The Guest &
Server App

Project Timeline: May 2021 - August 2021

Project Overview

My Role: User Research, UX Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing,
Interface Design

The Guest and Server App are designed with UX/UI principles that aims to empower servers with a better understanding of their customers' preferences and needs. Through its data-driven features, such as analyzing order history, dietary restrictions, and feedback, the app offers personalized recommendations and insights to servers. Additionally, its efficient communication features facilitate seamless collaboration between servers and customers, enabling them to provide an exceptional dining experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

server app

The Challenge

Restaurant servers often struggle with not knowing their customers' needs, which can lead to a number of issues. Without this knowledge, servers may ask more questions, which can increase waiting times and frustration for both the customer and the server. This can also lead to mistakes in orders or recommendations, resulting in a subpar dining experience for the customer.

The Goal

The goal is toemploys UX/UI principles to address the challenges faced by restaurant servers. By creating a seamless connection between servers and customers, the app offers a user-friendly experience that allows customers to input their preferences, dietary restrictions, and feedback. This information is then presented to servers in real-time, enabling them to provide personalized recommendations and streamline the ordering process. By optimizing the user experience, the app promotes efficient service and increased customer satisfaction.

Project Scope

The project was designed for two types of consumers.

1. The Restaurant Server (Employees): need to make sure their customers are satisfied with their service.
2. The Guests: want a comfortable atmosphere without unwanted disturbances.

Our team designed and developed two applications for these two types of users.

The Sitemap - Guest App

The Sitemap - Server App

The Visual Design

The objective was to create a calm and welcoming look for both apps, keeping a connection to the food world but also being open to growing beyond it. So, we chose colors that work for any field, using soft shades that feel warm and lively. The apps were made to look a bit different for guests and servers, with a light mode for guests and a darker one for servers, while still maintaining the same visual identity. The design approach focused on harmonizing typography, spacing, and imagery to evoke tranquility and universality, steering clear of any specific food industry standards. The design positions the app for growth across industries while resonating with a diverse user demographic.